In defense of Merrick Garland


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I need to address something, and it has to do with AG Merrick Garland. Seldom am I speechless. But today, I was. And I’d like to share the reason why I was speechless with you. I realize many are ambivalent about Garland. And many think he isn’t investigating Trump. That is not what this article will focus on.

I want to speak of what is floating about on social media. And I want to stress I have not seen Palmer Report readers say this, but many have said it on Twitter.

What is being said by many is this: Garland is too nice to be Attorney General. The evidence some are using for the claim is that Garland once broke down in tears when accepting Obama’s Supreme Court nomination.

“That makes him soft.”

“All the Garland crying is worrying me.”

“Nobody who cries like that is a badass.”

These are but a few comments I saw. And frankly? I was pissed — very much so. Call me crazy, but vulnerability is an asset, not a fault in my world. And having the ability to show one’s emotions freely is the ultimate asset.

This term “badass” pisses me off. We want an AG who is confident and focused, yes, but would we want someone stone-cold? Would we want a human-computer who cannot show his love for America because doing so wouldn’t be “badass?”

I think in 2021 (soon to be 2022), we are forward-thinking and progressive enough as a society not to bend to preassigned and fake gender roles.

Merrick Garland cried because he was honored, and he loves this country. That made me admire him MORE. With his tears and love for this country, he showed his incorruptibility.

Having sensitivity shouldn’t ever be considered a fault, and frankly, I was a bit embarrassed for the people on social media saying this. I love my party, but that is just a silly idea.


I am certainly not here to try to make you like Garland. But please — don’t dislike him because he can feel things and show his feelings. That’s not weakness; it’s human decency. It is why we love our PRESIDENT so much and one of the reasons we elected Biden — to get a bit of empathy back in America.


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