House Democrats just made a genius new hire heading into Donald Trump’s impeachment

If you’re looking for a sure sign that House Democrats are planning to impeach Donald Trump if that’s what it takes to get him out of the office he’s been illegally occupying, you need look no further than the new hire they made today. In fact it’s one of the more brilliant hires I’ve seen, and it’ll ensure that they can hit the ground running.

The impeachment process begins in the House Judiciary Committee, which is led by Chairman Jerry Nadler. He announced today that he’s hired two outside consultants to help the committee. Barry Berke is a highly respected defense attorney who can help the committee push back against any defense strategy Trump might try to mount. But the name that jumps off the page is the other hire.

Of all the legal activist groups that have been trying to use the court system to put a dent in Donald Trump’s corrupt political agenda, CREW has been arguably the most successful and ahead of the curve. The chairman of CREW: Norm Eisen. He’s been in the thick of this from the start. Now Eisen is going to work for the House Judiciary Committee. This is the guy you hire if you want to mount the strongest impeachment push possible.

Of course there are other ways to oust Donald Trump from office. Robert Mueller is about to expose every crime he’s ever committed, including the treason and espionage that allowed him to illegally take office. SDNY is going to imprison Trump’s kids. New York state will end up going after his assets. This will box him in to the point that he’ll be sorely tempted to declare yet another “bankruptcy” by agreeing to a resignation plea deal in exchange for reduced prison time. But if he refuses to take such a deal, we now know House Democrats have lined up the big guns for impeachment.