Donald Trump goes off deep end about him and Mike Pence being impeached

There is probably no worse look for a sitting President of the United States than when he’s reduced to ranting in public about the specter of his own impeachment and removal from office. Yet with the walls caving in on Donald Trump from all sides by the hour, here we are. Notably, not only is Trump obsessing about his own impeachment, he’s ranting about the possibility of Mike Pence being impeached as well.

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted: “Crazy Maxine Waters: “After we impeach Trump, we’ll go after Mike Pence. We’ll get him.” @FoxNews Where are the Democrats coming from? The best Economy in the history of our country would totally collapse if they ever took control!” To be clear, Maxine Waters didn’t say those words; as per usual, Trump is posting things that aren’t quotes as if they were quotes. But Waters did say this, which is close enough: “You knock one down, and then we’ll be ready for Pence. We’ll get him, too.”

It’s difficult to figure out what Donald Trump’s logic is here, which means that there probably isn’t any. He is correct in that the Democrats have the ammunition to take him and Pence down if they gain majority control of Congress. Pence is guilty of multiple counts of felony obstruction of justice, at the least. And of course Trump has committed hundreds of counts of dozens of different kinds of felonies. But why is Trump ranting about the idea of Pence also being impeached?

Some will point to the logic that Donald Trump should talk about impeachment as a way of motivating his own base, and Mike Pence’s base, to turn out and vote in November. But Trump’s rants almost never end up being based in any logic. After so many voices within the media and the public have accused Pence of having had a hand in last week’s devastating anonymous New York Times op-ed, we’re almost left to wonder if Trump is trying to remind Pence that if one of them goes down, they both go down. But again, Trump has become so mentally unstable, this is like trying to find logic in the ramblings of the Unabomber.