Donald Trump has utterly deranged late night meltdown

In the forty-eight hours since Donald Trump had his newly handpicked Attorney General William Barr make false claims about the nature of the Mueller report, Trump has begun moving full speed. The trouble, both for him and the nation: it’s not clear what direction he even thinks he’s headed on. Tonight, Trump went so far off the rails, he sounded like he needed medical attention.

Donald Trump and his regime have spent today trying to completely eliminate Obamacare, trying to sabotage Medicare, trying to illegally fund his border wall, and trying to kill off the Special Olympics, along other atrocities. But that’s apparently not enough for Trump, who took to Twitter and sounded like he’s either gotten into someone’s stash of laughing gas, or turned into the Joker.

This evening, Trump tweeted “The Fake News Media has lost tremendous credibility with its corrupt coverage of the illegal Democrat Witch Hunt of your all time favorite duly elected President, me! T.V. ratings of CNN & MSNBC tanked last night after seeing the Mueller Report statement. Fox News up BIG!” Wait, what? First, none of this is true. Second, this doesn’t even sound like it was written by him; it sounds like something from a Trump parody account that was trying to be as over the top as possible.

If Donald Trump really did write this tweet, we’re convinced that he’s in need of immediate medical attention. Mentally and psychologically stable people don’t sound like this. It’s as if what little was left of Trump’s mind vanished entirely once William Barr handed him a temporary and artificial respite from his criminal scandals. This is precisely why the 25th Amendment was written.

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