Hey Donald Trump, get a grip!

The President of the United States tweeted out a propaganda video taking what Congresswoman Ilhan Omar said out of context, and using the subliminal message of an “Islamic terror” attack to demonize her for being a Muslim woman.

Incitement doesn’t always have to be about words. It can be videos, pictures etc. History has shown that Donald Trump has incited his base to do terrible things, from threats against Democratic officials and bomb scares, to “unite the right” rallies led by white supremacists. Trump is fully aware of what his base is capable of, and at the same time plays the victim whenever he is held accountable for it. 

Was 9/11 a terror attack? Yes it obviously was. The sad part about this is that the right does not want to acknowledge the prejudice that Muslims have faced over the years since that dreadful day. Ilhan Omar is right, a few people did make 9/11 happen, yet people have demonized all Muslims as terrorists. Many have treated innocent Muslim women and children as if they were terrorists – including the Muslim ban that Trump has been trying to set in motion. 

I hope Twitter and other social media platforms will take down Donald Trump’s video, because Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s life and the life of many Muslims in America are worth more than a tweet from Trump. 

I also call on Democratic leadership to be stronger in condemning Trump for tweeting such hateful propaganda, and to stand in unity for support of Ilhan Omar.

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