If you want something to worry about…

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“Don’t worry darling.” I speak not of the film. I want to talk about some advice- the best I’ve ever received. First, a question: Have you ever found yourself worrying? Perhaps you’ve tossed and turned, night after night, worried about specific political issues.

Maybe it’s abortion. Perhaps it’s the right to vote. Many of us had had sleepless nights, mainly when assolini was in office. It’s what we do. We are political animals, and we worry. I was fortunate in that I was asked an important question that I mulled over.

“What help is worrying? What do you GET out of it?” That question echoed with me. I mulled it over and realized I get absolutely nothing from it. There is no joy in worrying. There is no triumph.

All worry really does is make one worry even more. It’s like getting a fix. Where will the next fix of worry come from, many ask? And then the worry meter gets worse. Once one is open to worrying, it moves in and often takes hold.

And that can tear one down emotionally. It can cause health issues. Worrying is our nemesis. It is the one thing we must battle against during election season, especially as we get closer.

Worry also saturates us with fear. It is immobilizing. The more we let anxiety in, the more difficult it is to get rid of. Not that I do not worry sometimes. Of course I do. Insomnia and I are well acquainted. But I have let go of much of it.

And we all need to band together to push worry away and let in determination. Determination IS our friend. The more determined and proactive we are, the better our results will be and the better our emotional and psychological state of being will be. So the next time worry pays a visit to you — laugh at it. Say “goodbye, darling. Sorry, but you are not my friend.”

And then phone bank. Or donate. Or send a postcard. All we can control is how we choose to face the political winds and push them to move in our favor. Now let’s go forward and win this thing!

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