Donald Trump’s latest idiotic stunt blows up hilariously in his face

Based on the mere fact that Donald Trump had pre-made signs set up in the Rose Garden that were supposed to amplify his anti-investigation message, it was clear that Trump was always planning to storm out of this morning’s infrastructure meeting, and then make his case to reporters. But because Nancy Pelosi is far more savvy than Trump will ever be, it went completely off the rails for him.

Pelosi must have sensed that Trump didn’t legitimately have any sudden interest in a bipartisan infrastructure deal in the midst of heightening impeachment talk, and so she decided to set things on fire before he could. Just before the meeting, she accused Trump of leading a “coverup” of his criminal scandals. This clearly set Trump off, and by the time he had stormed out and taken the podium (as planned), he was far too rattled to help his own case.

Donald Trump ended up sounding like a mentally incompetent madman – jarringly over the top even by his usual standards – and unwittingly made the case to the American people that he’s not stable enough to remain in office. He also flatly declared that there will be no legislation and governing if the Democrats keep exposing his scandals, thus taking the blame for any upcoming gridlock in the eyes of swing voters. In fact he was so flustered, he screwed up and confessed that he did in fact speak with Donald Trump Jr on the phone on the day of the infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.

Whatever result Donald Trump was hoping to achieve today with his antics, this certainly didn’t go the way he was hoping. Trump lost the government shutdown battle when Pelosi and Schumer goaded him into publicly taking the blame for the shutdown. Now they’ve goaded Trump into publicly taking credit for the current legislative gridlock. Oops.

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