Florida’s idiot Governor Ron DeSantis has a whole new problem

Joe Biden appeared on three different TV news networks yesterday, and he followed it up today with a pair of online events. While he has offered praise for a number of Republican Governors who have been proactive in their handling of the coronavirus crisis, Biden lashed out at one Republican Governor in particular.

Biden ripped Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to pieces for his refusal to shut down the state’s beaches during spring break, and his ongoing refusal to lock down the state in general. This is notable because DeSantis is best known for his almost cartoonish loyalty to Donald Trump.

With Donald Trump continuing to refuse to do his job, and the Republican Governors of states like Maryland, Ohio, and Idaho working around him to try move forward with coronavirus measures, the GOP is on the brink of a schism. Joe Biden’s slam dunk of Ron DeSantis is important both because it’s well warranted, and because it can help further split Trump and his loyalists off from a nation that’s rapidly moving ahead without him.

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