It’s a good thing Donald Trump is an idiot

It’s a sentiment I keep hearing, and it’s a completely understandable – though completely inaccurate – sentiment: Donald Trump is getting away with everything. After all, he committed treason to steal the presidency, and he’s since broken nearly every law on the books, yet he’s still in power. But it’s important to keep how badly he’s screwed himself, and how clear his inevitable downfall is.

If Donald Trump were any good at this, if he knew what he were doing, if he were half as clever as he thinks he is, we’d be looking at a very different landscape. He’d have figured out how to have his campaign conspire with Russia in such a way that no one would get caught. He’d have found a way to prevent Robert Mueller from being appointed. He’d have politicked his way to an approval rating in the fifties. He’d be popular enough to be untouchable, no matter what might have surfaced about him.

But as we can see, none of that has happened. All of his people were sloppy enough to get caught, and so now he’s reduced to literally begging them in public not to take him down with them. He’s stuck facing a prosecutor with extraordinary powers who is a hundred times better at strategy than he is. He’s so inept at being president, he’s lost the House to the opposition party. And let’s be clear here: if his own party hadn’t been fully in control these past two years, and protecting him every step of the way, he’d have met his downfall a long time ago.

So if we’re stuck with this nightmare scenario of having a traitor illegally occupying the office of President of the United States, and trying to dismantle our democracy from within, and trying to abuse his power to prevent his ouster, at least the guy is an idiot. Yes, his brute force evil got him this far. But at a time when he now needs smart strategic thinking to have any chance of surviving this, he’s still just a thug throwing punches – and lately he keeps hitting himself in the face.