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Donald Trump’s biggest civil trials are all concluding badly for him, and now we’re weeks away from the start of his criminal trials. In the midst of it all, the 2024 election is this year. If you’re still thinking there’s another holiday season and such between now and the 2024 election, that’s not the case. The election is coming fast.

I don’t know (or care) who the Republican nominee will be, but whether it’s Trump or someone else, I can guarantee you it’ll be someone awful. There’s no one left in the Republican Party who believes in things like rights, or sanity, or lawfulness. The Republican slate of candidates in 2024, from President to Congress on down, will on the whole be the worst we’ve ever seen. And none of them will stand for anything, other than being the worst that humanity has to offer.

I can only promise you one thing: Palmer Report will be here fighting for truth and knowledge and preservation of democracy every single day of this election cycle. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to work my tail off and leave it all on the field. I will do everything possible to help ensure that we win in 2024 and that our democracy remains intact.

To that end, I could really use your help. If each of you reading this can kick in $15 or $25, depending on what you can afford, it’ll help keep Palmer Report firing on all cylinders at this crucial time in our nation’s history:

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Let’s win this together.

Bill Palmer
Palmer Report