Donald Trump’s goon squad is trying to hurry up and finish the job

This week National Security Adviser John Bolton began making such brazen moves to try to start a war with Iran, even a frustrated Donald Trump leaked his frustration about it to the media. This week the Trump regime – no doubt coming from Stephen Miller – leaked that it’s about to round up undocumented immigrants on such a huge scale, the move would set off massive immediate backlash nationwide.

There are other examples. The question is why so many of Donald Trump’s top people have each suddenly decided to make a mad dash toward their own perverse fantasy – Bolton obliterating Iran, Miller making America whiter – and why they’re moving with such reckless haste. If they simply think Trump is now unstoppable, it would give them at least a year and a half to move forward in the kind of strategic fashion with the strongest chance of success. Instead, they’re all racing toward their goal is if the clock were in danger of soon ticking down to zero on them.

Trump’s allies outside the White House also suddenly seem to be racing against the clock. This week a number of pro-Trump states have frantically passed laws banning abortion to varying degrees, with the goal of putting the issue in front of the Supreme Court, in the faint hope that it’ll result in Roe v. Wade being overturned. Of course the more likely outcome is that these laws will be struck down, and it’ll put an end to the incremental state-level shadow banning of abortion. It’s a last minute hail mary, which is weird, considering they could have taken a more methodical approach with a higher chance of success.

It’s becoming clear that Donald Trump’s henchmen and allies have recently decided they need to hurry up chase their own deranged fantasies as fast as they can. The question is why. Are they simply too ginned up to realize that they’re moving too hastily? Or have they looked at Trump’s worsening criminal scandals and decided that they may not have much more time to work with? Even if Trump isn’t ousted, there’s a threshold where the scandals and investigations will prevent the Trump regime from being able to do anything but play defense. We’re not there yet – but some of Trump’s own people seem to think we’re coming up on it soon.

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