House Democrats score huge victory over William Barr [updated]

Numerous observers on all sides have questioned the low profile methods being employed by House Democrats when it comes to Trump regime officials – but the bottom line is that these methods keep delivering wins that are going to be crucial in taking Donald Trump down. In fact the House Democrats just scored a huge victory over corrupt Attorney General William Barr.

Weeks ago, the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold William Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over key Mueller report evidence, and for refusing to show up and testify about it. Since that time, the House Democrats have been holding off from having a full House vote to formally hold Barr in contempt, leaving Barr twisting in the wind. Barr has kept offering the Democrats incrementally more of the Mueller report evidence if they were willing to cancel the contempt vote. Palmer Report kept pointing out that this meant Barr really didn’t want to be held in contempt for whatever reason, and that he would likely fully cave at the last minute.

Sure enough, with the House Democrats set to formally hold Barr in contempt tomorrow, William Barr has just now offered to give the House Judiciary Committee everything it wants about the Mueller report. Not only that, Barr offered to start turning over the evidence later today. Accordingly, the committee has decided to take up Barr on his offer, based on a statement released by committee chair Jerry Nadler.


This means that William Barr will not be formally held in contempt tomorrow (though other people like Don McGahn likely will). Much as everyone was looking forward to seeing Barr humiliated during a nationally televised contempt proceeding, and then punished for his contempt, it’s far more important that House Democrats get their hands on the Mueller report evidence against Donald Trump. Barr just caved and sold Trump out in order to save himself from contempt charges. That’s a good thing. And if Barr is playing dirty on this, House Democrats will know as much within hours, and they’ll just go right back to holding him in contempt. Update: Democrats are going ahead with proceedings against Barr tomorrow anyway.

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