Donald Trump threw huge money at Ukraine last week in last ditch effort to bury whistleblower scandal

By now it’s become clear that Donald Trump blocked hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for Ukraine, while asking the president of Ukraine to help promote a phony scandal about Joe Biden. This was a treasonous attempt at conspiring with a foreign entity to rig the 2020 election. Here’s the kicker: last week, just it was becoming clear that Trump’s treasonous act was about to become public, he actually did provide that funding.

On September 12th, the Trump administration finally approved $250 million in military aid to Ukraine, along with another $141 for Ukraine from the State Department, according to the Military Times. The next day, House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced that he was subpoenaing the Director of National Intelligence over the whistleblower report. At that time, Schiff also revealed that he had already tried and failed to obtain the report without a subpoena.

It’s not difficult to parse what happened here. Adam Schiff asked for the whistleblower report. The Trump regime realized Schiff was onto something, and that the Ukraine treason was soon going to come out, so it made the last ditch move of releasing the Ukraine funds that it had been withholding.


It’s not clear if the Trump regime made this panic move simply in the hope that releasing the funds would make it harder for Schiff and the media to piece together what the whistleblower report was really about, or if the funds were an overt attempt at bribing the president of Ukraine into staying silent about it once the scandal broke. Either way, follow the money. Trump tried too late to put the genie back in the bottle, and all it did was create more smoke leading to the fire.

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