How much lower can CNN go?

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Learning from one’s mistakes is very important. When you do the same thing over and over and see it repeatedly fail, you should regroup and try something different. And yet CNN just can’t bring themselves to do that.

In case you didn’t know, CNN’s ratings have not improved. They are still at the bottom of the barrel. So, by the way, is CNN. All because they refuse to listen. All because they will not learn from their mistakes.

Donald Trump’s abysmal town hall was an unmitigated disaster. So one would think CNN would say no more. Instead, CNN has announced two more town halls, one with Mike Pence and one with Nikki Haley. Few will watch. Many will mock.

And this is precisely why CNN’s ratings are so bad. They won’t learn from their mistakes. They won’t learn their lesson. Now there is another town hall with Donald Trump that has been announced. And it’s not with CNN.

Fox non-news has scored this town hall. And it’s to be broadcast on June 1. But it’s to be aired in a different way than what CNN did. You see, Fox, much as I despise them, DID learn something. And they learned it from the CNN town hall.

The Fox town hall is to be PRE-TAPED. So unlike with CNN, they won’t have to worry about Mad Donald going off on insane diatribes. It’s what CNN should have done from the start if they were determined to have this silly town hall.

Sean Hannity will be the moderator, which sort of guarantees no hard questions but still. The fact that an incompetent network like Fox learned something that CNN didn’t say much about Chris Licht and his buddies over at CNN. Fox might get some people who do tune in. But poor sad CNN will gain nothing, including ratings.

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