House Republicans sink to a whole new low as Donald Trump circles the drain

As Congressional Republicans continue to push back on the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, their excuses are becoming more and more insane. During the initial round of testimony, Republicans falsely claimed that they were not allowed to question witnesses. When that claim was proven false they moved on to attacking the process. Over the next couple weeks, it was proven that “the process” was never the issue, as many GOP Congressmen who were eligible to attend the hearings chose not to participate.

At that point, Trump’s biggest supporters in Congress realized simple gaslighting would not be enough to turn the tide of those pushing for impeachment. When national polls came out showing a majority of Americans believed Trump should be impeached, the so-called President freaked out, reaching out to Republican Senators to see where they currently stood. They decided that claiming the “transcript” exonerated Trump would be enough to fool all Americans. Despite the provided “transcript” proving Trump demanded the Ukrainian President begin an investigation into political foes, Trump continued to falsely claim his call was “perfect.”

When the GOP claim of “no quid pro quo” was first proven to be false, they immediately moved the goal posts to proclaim that such an illegal action was indeed acceptable. When further information from the House impeachment inquiry came out, again proving that Trump’s allies pushed the Ukrainian government to assist Trump’s campaign in order to receive nearly $400 million in aid to defend themselves from Russia, GOP Congressmen either ignored it or said it was acceptable.


The GOP claims have gone from “bribery is wrong” to “bribery is totally acceptable,” have now gone to “you can’t prove Trump was behind it,” according to Greg Sargent, an opinion writer for the Washington Post. It’s simply how Republicans are reacting, and will continue to do so, in order to protect Trump, no matter the level of his crimes. The facts remain: Trump sold out America, and its laws, in an effort to advance himself and his family.

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