House Republicans have lost their man – literally

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House Republicans keep trying to pretend like they’re doing something with their narrow majority. But each time they try, they just remind everyone that they have no idea what message they’re even trying to get across. Well, not everyone, because in reality almost no one is even paying attention to the gibberish that House Republicans are babbling.

This might actually be something of a silver lining for House Republicans, because what’s coming out of their mouths can only possibly hurt them with persuadable voters. After spending a few months “investigating” President Joe Biden for an imaginary financial corruption scandal, House Republicans came up empty – and so they’ve invented an imaginary whistleblower that they now admit they can’t produce.

House Republican James Comer (who’s somehow turned out to be even more of an idiot than the similarly named James Comey) went on Fox News today and announced that the supposed whistleblower against Biden has gone missing. That’s right, they had a whistleblower, but he’s now disappeared or something. No really. This is their story. This is the best they could come up with.

At this point House Republicans would probably be better off spending the next year and a half in a self induced coma. Because every time they try to say or do something to help their cause and give them a leg up against President Biden, they just end up making fools of themselves and further damaging their odds of keeping the House majority in 2024. House Republicans are already resorting to ‘my dog ate my whistleblower’ and it’s still only May 2023.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!