House Republican Madison Cawthorn’s rhetoric reaches a violent new low

The GOP has become the party of violence, and they appear to be proud of this. It seems every day there is another insurrection supporting GOP clown coming out with a new outrageous statement.

These folks — Greene, Gaetz, and so on — are freaks. They are not politicians. They are shock jocks and provocateurs. And they are not going to stop with the violent rhetoric. Take Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who has somehow managed to outdo himself this week.

Following the verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse, Cawthorn on Instagram had this to say: “Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty, my friends. You have a right to defend yourself. BE ARMED, BE DANGEROUS, BE MORAL.”

I put that in all caps on purpose. Do you know why? I do not want to NORMALIZE this stuff. People are becoming desensitized to hate speech, and we cannot let that happen. A Twitter user said it best: “We’re losing our ability to feel.”

I agree. This crap cannot be allowed to become accepted normalcy.

We cannot just throw them all in jail. And they will not stop because for folks like this — they’re not Republicans. Oh, they might be registered, but they do not care about the red and the blue as much as provoking people. They care about power — and hate.

And they care about the green — that’s their color, not red or blue. So I say focus not on the red but the green — money. Every time one of these assholes violates a rule on the House floor or in the Senate enforces the fines. And if some refuse to pay — take them to court. Any recipient of their hate speech should consider suing for emotional distress. The “squad” should consider it with Lauren Boebert.


As for Cawthorn? He is causing emotional distress all over the place. I also believe the police should be looking closely at his behavior. Who knows — they might indeed be doing that. But unless any of these creeps are CHARGED or hit with Civil litigation, I do not expect any of them to stop. They love this; they think it owns the libs, and they do not have one ounce of conscience. They are everything many historians have warned us of.

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