House Republican has had enough of Ron Johnson’s crap

Ron Johnson has recently joined the ranks of a small number of Republican lawmakers who you can always expect something awful from whenever you see their names trending in the news. In addition to being a corrupt and traitorous member of the Tea Party, he’s also a flagrant racist, making inane comments about the January 6 insurrection that drew the ire of fellow Wisconsin lawmakers like the state’s Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, who made political talk show rounds saying that Johnson’s bigoted comments and his attempts to gaslight the country on who the Capitol insurrectionists really are is just more proof that Republicans can’t win without being racist.

Now, Johnson’s latest demented antics have drawn criticism from a fellow Republican, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger who also denounced Johnson’s open refusal to be vaccinated against COVID. Kinzinger, one of the few House Republicans who voted in support of Donald Trump’s impeachment, said history wouldn’t smile well on Ron Johnson, who has openly embraced treason while putting a number of people at risk in a state that has already been badly hit by the pandemic. It’s the latest reminder that the GOP is still very much in disarray. All they can do is try to stall important legislation that the majority of Americans support, hoping Democrats will get the blame, while arguing amongst themselves.

This doesn’t mean we should let our guard down and think that Johnson’s challenger has it in the bag in 2022, but it’s a clear indication of what they should target in their campaign. The more Republicans are forced to denounce each other or try to distance themselves, the easier it will be for Democrats to win seats in 2022. We shouldn’t leave it for history to make a judgment on Ron Johnson, but act now to remove him from power.

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