House Democrats move to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene

House Democrats are moving to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene. Expulsion requires a two-thirds vote. There obviously aren’t enough republican votes for that, which means expulsion is impossible. But expulsion isn’t the goal here anyway. It’s to tie every house Republican to her lunacy, so we can use it against them in 2022. This is how strategy works.

The entire point of holding expulsion hearings against Greene will be to get every House Republican on the record about her. Then as her scandals get even uglier, they’ll become easier to beat in 2022, because they voted to let her stick around.

Various MSNBC and CNN pundits will say the expulsion hearings are a failure for the Democrats, because the votes aren’t there. Liberal Twitter pundits will insist that some magic solution should be used to expel her, and then bash the Democrats for not using it. But there’s a reason why most of these kinds of pundits are usually proven wrong.


If all of you are willing to get strongly behind democratic leaders during the expulsion hearings, knowing we don’t have the votes, knowing that’s not the goal anyway, it’ll be a big success for us. There’s no way to magically expel Greene, given the votes required. But why not turn it into a victory for us in 2022? All we have to do is keep our eyes on the real strategy of her expulsion hearing, and not fall victim to the pundit noise.

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