House Democrat Tim Ryan comes out swinging


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As 2022 draws closer, we will have to make some decisions regarding certain races. Which ones are winnable? Whom to donate to? There will be a myriad of choices, of course. Some races will be easier than others. I want to highlight a race we must, in my humble opinion, invest in. That is the Senate race in Ohio.

This will not be an easy race. Many consider Ohio solid red. I consider it moderate red with a purple lining. We have won in Ohio before. It is not outside of the realm of possibility.

Ohio seems to like their candidates on the moderate side. Think John Kasich. Think Sherrod Brown. Evan Governor DeWine, to a degree, is undoubtedly less Trumpian than many others.

And the people vying for the nomination for Senate on the insurrection side are not moderate. Hardly. They are a human freakshow of candidates better suited for a QAnon group leader than a US Senator. And making matters more difficult for the insurrection party, the clowns of candidates are all trying to out-Trump each other. It is quite amusing to watch as each one of them debases themselves more and more in an unending quest to show Ohioans what freaks they really are.

Our candidate, Tim Ryan, is perfect for Ohio. He is a moderate Democrat with a heart of gold and the experience to get the job done. Ryan is currently a Congressman. He has plenty of experience in politics, having received a Bachelor of Arts in political science in 1995. He joined Congress in 2003.

Tim is well-liked in Ohio and is known to be a fighter. He is also known for his impassioned speeches. The man is not a shrinking violet and does not hold back on virtually anything, but he has the unique gift of never sounding abrasive. In fact, I’d say he is one of the best messengers of the Democratic party.


So, yes, this is a race I think we can win. It will be hard. It will be challenging because the insurrection party will lie, smear him, and do everything humanly possible to keep Tim away from the Senate. Let’s not let them.


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