Donald Trump is hosed and he knows it

With everything going wrong for him this weekend that can possibly go wrong for him, Donald Trump got to do the only thing he still seems to enjoy. He spent more than two hours running his mouth to an audience of fawning idiots who cheered every witless word he uttered. But even that speech seemed to give away that this is a guy who knows he’s toast.

Donald Trump finally seems to get that he’s going down for having criminally conspired with Russia to rig the election in his favor. He finally seems to understand that he really screwed up when he publicly asked Russia to steal his opponent’s emails, because he gave away that he and his campaign were engaging in a secret plot with the Russians to do precisely that. He finally appears to comprehend that he’s in legal trouble for firing James Comey, to the point that he inexplicably appears to be trying to scapegoat Melania of all people for it.

This is a guy who’s frantically trying to play defense because he knows the opposition is rapidly advancing on him. He launched into multiple Twitter rants yesterday about Michael Cohen, each time feebly trying to convince everyone that Cohen can’t have been telling the truth this week because he made a pro-Trump book pitch a year ago. In other words, Trump is clearly worried about the impact that Cohen’s words have had.

Donald Trump clearly knows he’s toast. But you have to wonder if he understands just how bad it’s going to get for him, and just how quickly. Some of his closest business associates are just days away from publicly testifying about his financial crimes. His kids are about to be hauled in. His tax returns are in the process of being seized. Trump sounds like a guy who thinks he only has a year left before he’s ousted. We wouldn’t be shocked if he has less than a month.