Donald Trump makes desperate last ditch move ahead of Hope Hicks testimony

Donald Trump probably never saw it coming. Of all the former Trump White House officials who have been subpoenaed to testify about Trump’s crimes before Congress, the only one who has agreed to do so is his former close confidant Hope Hicks. She’s testifying tomorrow, and that’s a terrible thing for the fate of Trump’s presidency, so naturally he and his people are making one last ditch move to try to sabotage it.

Donald Trump’s White House Counsel has sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, claiming – with no legal basis of any kind – that Hope Hicks is “immune” from having to answer any questions about anything that took place in the Trump White House. This is complete gibberish of course, and will never hold up in court. But it’s nonetheless an attempt at intimidating Hicks into only giving up some incriminating details about Trump’s crime spree, and not others.

We’ll see how this plays out tomorrow. The key thing to keep in mind is that Hope Hicks has already decided to defy Donald Trump when it comes to this subpoena. He “instructed” her last month not to turn over any documents to the House Judiciary Committee, but she did it anyway. He also clearly doesn’t want her showing up to testify at all, yet she’s doing so anyway. This means Hicks isn’t afraid of Trump’s scare tactics – at least not in the way that cowards like Don McGahn and Annie Donaldson are.

So we’ll see just how much or little dirt Hope Hicks gives up about Donald Trump tomorrow. Hicks has already made clear that Trump is not in charge of what’s about to go down, so while she may duck some questions, there’s no reason to expect that she’ll dodge every question. If that were the case, she simply wouldn’t show up at all, like the others. While her testimony won’t be televised, a transcript will be publicly released shortly after the fact.

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