The real reason Hope Hicks is going back to work at Donald Trump’s White House

In the days since Donald Trump’s sham acquittal, he’s made a number of moves that have been corrupt, vindictive, and/or simply weird. None of these moves have helped Trump’s already-weak 2020 prospects one bit. Instead he’s focusing on making moves that make him feel better about his impeachment and his failed presidency.

This brings us to today’s news, being reported by everyone from CNN to the New York Times, that Hope Hicks is going back to work at the White House. This is beyond surreal. There was a lengthy evidence trail, documented by various major news outlets, directly tying Hicks to Donald Trump’s felony obstruction of justice. If not for Robert Mueller’s inexplicable (and frankly inexcusable) failure to bring obstruction charges against Trump’s alleged co-conspirators, Hicks could easily be a convicted felon by now.

In other words, Hicks got lucky – and she made the smart move of bailing out of the Trump regime at just the right time, taking a gig behind the scenes at Fox News instead. She wasn’t around for the Ukraine extortion scandal that’s going to put so many of Trump’s White House people in prison if he loses in November. Hicks got out, unscathed. Yet now she’s going back.

Does she really think that Donald Trump isn’t going to ask her to commit felony obstruction of justice again, or try to drag her into some other criminal scandal? Hicks got the free pass of a lifetime. Now she’s going back, because she clearly hasn’t learned the valuable lesson from her original escape. She’d better hope she can keep her hands clean when it comes to Trump’s criminal scandals, or she could end up indicted a year from now, along with the rest of them.

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