Everything hits the fan for Donald Trump

How bad of a day is Donald Trump having? The stock market dropped by another thousand points today, as investors continue to reject the notion that he can keep Obama’s roaring economy going, and yet the market plunge may not be the worst thing that’s happened for Trump today. He’s dealing with scandals, controversies, betrayals, and no-win decisions left and right today, as everything continues to hit the fan for him.

Moves made by the attorneys for Rick Gates have confirmed that he is indeed cutting a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which means Paul Manafort will have to cut a deal as well, which means Mueller is about to get his hands on proof of Trump’s money laundering antics in Trump Tower. Steve Bannon is also just a few days away from a fully cooperative interview with Mueller. His own former top people are in the process of selling him out left and right, even as everything hits the fan within the White House as well.

It turns out John Kelly knew all about Rob Porter’s allegedly violent past with his two ex-wives, including the protective restraining order that one of them was able to obtain against him, yet Kelly kept Porter on the job anyway. So now Kelly, who was brought in specifically to make the Trump White House’s ugly scandals and embarrassing incompetence go away, is himself at the center of an ugly scandal. What did Trump know about Porter and when did he know it? Those answers are coming, and they’re unlikely to be pretty.

This is all playing out even as Donald Trump is grappling with the imminent no-win decision of whether to agree to an interview with Robert Mueller or plead the Fifth Amendment. Trump seemed to think the booming stock market might insulate him from everything that’s going wrong for him. Now the market is in free fall.

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