Despite Donald Trump’s protestations, Hillary Clinton is still at large

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During his recent Nuremberg-style rally in Evanston, Indiana, and to a chorus of “lock her up!” from his rabid devotees, Donald Trump said, “You can have the biggest story about Hillary Clinton – I mean, look at what she’s getting away with. But let’s see if she gets away with it. Let’s see.” So what exactly is it that Hillary Clinton is “getting away with” here?

It’s something that requires her being locked up, according to Trump’s slavering adherents – in other words, one or more criminal acts. If this is so, then why is she roaming around at liberty? Can not an America that is owned by Republicans at the judicial, executive and legislative level of the government put an openly at-liberty Democratic criminal in jail if she is truly guilty of a crime? Particularly an America that seems to have no difficulty locking up innocent children?

Currently every U.S. Attorney in America has the power to bring grand jury indictments and can do so at will, and every U.S. Attorney is either appointed by Trump or was allowed to continue serving at Trump’s indulgence. So why are precisely none of them indicting Hillary Clinton? Isn’t the fact that she is not being indicted, nor being deposed, nor standing before a grand jury, nor being hauled into court on any charge or on any pretext due to the simple and provable fact that she has, the claims of the “president” notwithstanding, committed no crimes?

At this writing there is a prosecution underway courtesy of the the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. His office is currently prosecuting Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, not Hillary Clinton. Yesterday the U.S. Attorney for Washington DC obtained a guilty plea – but it was from a Paul Manafort associate, and again, not from Hillary Clinton. One can’t help but wonder why none of the smug Trump apologists seem to have noticed this glaringly obvious fact.

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