Here’s the thing about Stephanie Grisham’s tell-all Donald Trump book

The raft of tell-all books, from accomplices to the criminality of the Former Arsehole-in-chief, keeps growing larger. As one wag put it, ‘We don’t need to read about it. We lived through it!’ Indeed, we scraped by ‘by the skin of our teeth’ considering how close the Republic came to being dismantled as Steve Bannon had intended.

The non-functional press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, is the latest to make the promo circuit. (Grisham is, of course, best known as the White House press secretary who never held a press conference during her blighted tenure. The silence, IMHO, was a welcome reprieve from the incessant lying of her predecessor.)

Stephanie is hawking her gut-churning tale of folderol, tabloid gossip, and – on occasion, insight – of the inner psychosis that was the Trump White House. No surprise, Grisham’s tell-all is an “unrepentant confession” presumably meant to excuse her psychotic silence while she actually held office in Trump’s West Wing.

Are we actually meant to accept as fact that Stephanie Grisham has had a ‘come-to-Jesus’ moment re: the Giant Orange Blob of fascist protoplasm? Pardon if this writer is unconvinced by her self-serving, feigned remorse.

To wit: Ms Grisham feebly beat her breast (without accepting any blame) that the Trump Administration’s response to the pandemic was ‘tragic.’ 
As Doctor Jonathan Reiner, professor of Medicine at The George Washington University Medical Center responded; “Tell that to the 700,000 dead Americans!”

Dr Jonathan Reiner also tweeted; ‘I have no respect for the insiders who witnessed the madness of the last president and with their silence became his enablers. Grisham’s book should be called “Complicit”’.


When asked point-blank by Brianna Keilar, during CNN’s ‘New Day’ interview, if she, Stephanie, was culpable for any of the tragic mis-steps of TFG mal-administration such as the January 6th Insurrection, Ms Grisham demurred. Isn’t it odd how all of these former functionaries in the Former Guy’s White House had so little influence while they held positions of influence?

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