Here’s all the proof you need that the DOJ is criminally targeting Trump world

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Yesterday the courts delivered fantastic news for those who want to see Donald Trump brought to justice, when a federal judge announced that John Eastman’s emails with Trump about January 6th were “likely” a criminal act, and ruled that the emails must be given to the committee. As tends to happen whenever major good news happens, the “DOJ will never indict anyone” crowd is now shouting defeatist things more loudly than ever. In an ongoing effort to push back against the false claims that the DOJ is doing “nothing,” here are the facts:

1) The DOJ has already criminally indicted Steve Bannon for contempt. The defeatists have tried to write this out of history, but it happened in plain view of everyone. He’s awaiting trial.

2) Mark Meadows is clearly going to be criminally indicted, as spelled out in detail here.

3) The DOJ recently cut a cooperating plea deal with Roger Stone’s driver. So it’s obvious the DOJ is making a run at Stone.

4) The DOJ raided Rudy Giuliani’s house – a sure fire sign that he’ll end up indicted. But then the courts (not the DOJ, the courts) held up the seized evidence for eight months after the raid. The DOJ was just recently allowed to get its hands on the evidence against Giuliani that it long ago seized.

5) The DOJ has flipped three people against Matt Gaetz, making it a near guarantee he’ll be indicted. Recent reporting appears to tie the Greenberg-Gaetz case to Roger Stone and January 6th, which could explain why the incitement hasn’t landed yet.

6) The DOJ recently obtained a guilty plea from Lev Parnas, on a single specific charge, and has concurrently indicted the oligarch involved in that plot. Giuliani was also involved in that plot.

7) The DOJ recently arrested Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio for January 6th, then revealed in a court filing that it expects to add several more people to that indictment. Tarrio is a known associate of Roger Stone.

It’s clear that the DOJ is moving forward into Trump world on numerous fronts. One would have to be paying no attention, or listening to outright misinformation from the worst of pundits, to believe that none of the above is actually happening, and that the DOJ is instead doing “nothing.”

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