Here’s a competitive House race we must win in 2024: New Mexico’s 2nd District

The 2024 House majority will mainly come down to just twenty-two House races in super competitive “toss up” districts. Here at Palmer Report we’re going to be highlighting these races regularly, so you know which candidates to donate to and volunteer for. Here’s one of those races:

NM-02 (New Mexico), House Democrat Gabe VasquezCampaign websiteDonateVolunteerTwitter

Remember, these “toss up” races will each come down to a point or two on election night – and whichever party wins the majority of these toss up races will win the overall House majority. So hit the above links and donate, phone bank, volunteer, sign up to help get out the vote, or follow and retweet the candidate on social media. Let’s go win this!