Here we go – this is what progress looks like

– All happening now: First woman Vice President. First woman Director of National Intelligence. First woman Secretary of the Treasury. (Possible) first woman Secretary of Defense. This is what long overdue progress looks like. Let’s keep it going.

– Things that hinge on the Senate runoffs in Georgia: Supreme Court expansion/reform. Every single law that President-elect Biden wants to pass. Biden being able to get liberal cabinet members confirmed. Lindsey Graham blocked from running sham Senate Judiciary Committee investigations.

– Palmer Report predicted that Trump couldn’t magically overturn the election, and that there wouldn’t be wide scale violence in the streets, but that Trump would attempt shady last minute deals with foreign nations to benefit himself. Trump’s Open Skies scandal with Russia is exactly what we should be watching out for. The good news is that the bigger spotlight we shine on any given Trump scandal, the more he tends to cave.

– Tweet of the day from Eliza Orlins, who’s running for Manhattan District Attorney in the 2021 election: “A friendly reminder from your future Manhattan DA: Presidents can’t pardon themselves for New York State crimes.”

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