Here comes the dismantling of Donald Trump’s life

Even as Donald Trump keeps pretending he’s going to magically win the election, the media has largely insisted that Trump is about to launch some big new venture or a 2024 campaign. Of course this is all nonsense, because Trump is only facing two things once he’s out of office: criminal charges and financial squeezes.

So it’s good to see that the Wall Street Journal has published a lengthy new expose on the various criminal and civil actions that Trump and his family business are about to face once Trump is out of office. To be clear, the dismantling of Trump’s life is surely already underway, whether the media has caught up to it or not. But the more the media focuses on this reality, the less room Trump will have to fill the narrative with fantasies about remaining in office.

The cold hard reality is that Donald Trump is going to end up using what’s left of the transition period to try to give himself a softer landing with regard to the prison and bankruptcy he’s facing. He’ll try to pardon himself. He’ll try to fleece even more money for himself out of the Treasury. This is where our focus should be, not on entertaining Trump’s fantasies about magically remaining in office.

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