Here comes Donald Trump’s endgame

Heading into the critical last two weeks of the election and no matter what, we cannot get complacent. Hillary Clinton had 91% odds to win the 2016 election and we all know how that turned out. Trump, with his polling numbers in the tank, still has a 1-in-6 chance of winning. That we have a 1-in-6 chance of losing our country, our republic, our democracy, to a psychopathic fascist is terrifying. We must remain vigilant at all costs. Because Republican projection is the key here.

Ron Johnson, the Republican Senator who spent his Fourth of July in Moscow in 2018, is now implying there is child pornography on Hunter Biden’s laptop. He’s pressuring the FBI to look into it at the same time Don Jr. is claiming his father has to break up the FBI in his next term because of the “Deep State” his father has had four years to eradicate.

All of this is projection. The Epstein scandal is nowhere near ended yet and Trump needs to watch himself as he is very close to the Epstein sinkhole. The press in 2016 made very little of the “Jane Doe” lawsuit that alleged Trump raped a 13-year-old girl, but, subsequently, dozens of women have come forward with lawsuits alleging sexual abuse. Alleging Hunter Biden is the pedophile is Republican Gaslighting 101. Alleging the FBI is a toxic swamp of Democratic corruption is par for the course.

Never mind that Trump and William Barr have control over the FBI; Republicans always must be the victims. This is another narcissistic gaslighting technique that we are bound to see a lot of in the next two weeks. When they complain, tell them you’ll call them a “wambulance” but force them to cite legitimate sources for their grief.

Trump and his family are so corrupt one wearies of pointing out the lies. But until he and his family are cooling their heels in ADX Florence super max prison, we cannot stop. They will spout numerous outrages the next two weeks, so take a breath, make Google your friend, and read up on each and every new supposed scandal. Point out to the Trumpsters that their disinformation is coming from Russian propaganda sites. Cite legitimate references. It probably won’t change anyone’s vote, but you never know. There are some who might find moral clarity in the voting booth and take that 1 in 6 chance down to zero. We have to try. The good and the honorable are depending on us keep in America free.

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