Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving from hell

On this Thanksgiving Day, we have much to be grateful for, including our incredible military – which serves valiantly daily to ensure that we, the United States of America, remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

“President” Donald J. Trump used the occasion to give a call to the troops from the comforts of his “Southern White House,” Mar-A-Lago. On the call today, Trump decided to interject politics into the call and to release military secrets. When asked what he was most thankful for, instead of giving gratitude for the military or anything else, the Turkey-In-Chief dropped his normal turkey poop, stating:

“For having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country. I made a tremendous difference in the country. This country is so much stronger now that it was when I took office that you won’t believe it. And I mean, you see it, but so much stronger that people can’t even believe it. When I see foreign leaders, they say we cannot believe the difference in strength between the United States now and the United States two years ago. Made a lot of progress.”

Donald Trump did state during the call, “Melania and I want to express our profound gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices you make to defend our nation while you’re away from your families and loved ones,” but then rambled about the border and the economy, and ended as noted with his gloating about himself and how great he is.

Trump, when you interact with foreign leaders, you are weak, especially when it comes to the leaders of North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia. And our allies, the ones we need, are laughing at you and worried about what you are doing and how you are aligning yourself with various regimes at the expense of freedom and democracy. You should be thankful for those troops who are defending us around the world, and stop thinking about yourself and your delusions of grandeur. Also, be thankful that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has not acted against you and your family yet, so that could spend one last Thanksgiving together at Mar-A-Lago.