Heart of Darkness

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“I don’t care if the Republican nominee is a drug dealer in prison for life. I’d vote for him over any miserable Democrat!” This is a quote from a Republican on social media explaining why she (yes, it’s a she) is standing by Herschel Walker.

I could easily write out one hundred more quotes like this one. See, we are in the age of Republican darkness. What that means is — scandals are no more for the GOP. There was a time when this type of thing would have ruined a politician’s career — automatically. But that is no longer the case — because of the darkness.

The heart of darkness. We all know the difference between dark and light. And everybody has within them varying degrees of darkness. Only for some, the darkness eventually overtakes the sunshine. It’s like pulling a curtain over the window. The light can no longer get in.

Not all of these people were born this way. They are who they are through indoctrination or just plain cynicism. And who they are is the dark, the angry, the bitter. For people like the lady I quoted above, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Politics has been dumbed down into teams. That is all people like this care about.

And there are plenty of them—people who look and sound normal but have only darkness inside. I wish it were not so. It would certainly make life much easier. It would soften the country if every person took voting seriously.

But that isn’t the case anymore. The people with the hearts of darkness will vote for ANYTHING AND ANYONE to own the libs. They will vote for a psycho killer. They will vote for a drug dealer, as the woman above said.

“At least, I’m honest,” she wrote. You see, I do not agree on that. None of these people are honest until they admit that they’re part of the problem — the reason for the darkness that has come to encompass so much of our politics.

These people are unreachable. The good news is that they are a small percentage of our country. More of the country is like us. More of the country still has the light inside them and struggles for a better America far and away from the dark hearts that try to bring this country down.

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