Michael Cohen just found an old hard drive full of evidence against Donald Trump

When it rains, it pours. When it rains on Donald Trump, it pours toxic sludge. Trump is having one heck of a terrible week, with House Democrats now pursuing Trump’s tax returns and financial records, even as Robert Mueller’s own team has begun speaking up in a way that’ll make it far easier for House Democrats to forcibly unearth the Mueller report. Now Michael Cohen, whose role in all this was thought to be finished, is back in the picture at the worst possible time for Trump.

Michael Cohen now says that he just uncovered an old hard drive full of “e-mails, voice recordings, images, and attachments” that he thinks represent valuable evidence in exposing Donald Trump’s crimes. Cohen is asking that the start of his upcoming prison sentence be delayed so he can share this new evidence with prosecutors and Congress. Oh, and he says there are fourteen million files on this hard drive.

The FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office and residence last year and seized a significant amount of evidence, which was then shared with the SDNY and presumably with Robert Mueller. But Cohen is asserting that this hard drive contains evidence that no one involved has seen yet. In his newly published letter, Cohen is making no bones about the fact that he hopes this evidence will result in him getting a reduced prison sentence if it proves to be as valuable as he hopes. But for now what matters is that he’s planning to fork over the evidence right away.

The timing is perfect for House Democrats, who have spent the past few days massively ramping up their investigations into Donald Trump’s various scandals and crimes. This potential new boost from Michael Cohen comes even as it was revealed this evening that Capital One has been secretly cooperating with House Democrats for the past four weeks with regard to Trump’s financial records.

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