Guess what? Donald Trump STILL doesn’t have the money!

When an appeals court cut Donald Trump’s bond by more than half and gave him ten days to pay it, it was a rare legal victory for Trump. But it was also only a potential victory. After all, he still had to come up with the money.

Now here we are on Sunday morning, six days into the ten day window, and Trump still hasn’t come up with the money. He still hasn’t posted the bond. There’s still no sign that any bond company is interested in forking over $175 million on his behalf.

As we’ve said from the start, it’s still entirely possible that Trump will manage to obtain the bond at the last minute. But we’re now more than halfway through the extension, and the bond still remains unpaid.

If Donald Trump ends up still failing to come up with the bond after it was cut by more than half, it’ll be even more embarrassing for him. Isn’t this guy supposed to be wealthy or something?