Donald Trump plays Grinch on Christmas

We can celebrate that this is the last Christmas with lame duck Donald Trump as president. His actions this week, which make clear he has no interest in doing anything to help the American people, will lead to 14 million losing unemployment on Saturday, and the government potentially shutting down.

By vetoing the defense bill, he has spoken loud and clear what he thinks about the troops. He grandstanded this week, attacking foreign aid and insisting that the stimulus be $2,000 rather than $600, while taking no steps to allow that to happen. As a result, the likelihood is that no stimulus bill will become law in the remaining days of this Congress.


Let us count our blessings during this holiday season and be thankful that the Grinch, the man who does not care, will not be on the public dime come January 20. Trump is facing a deluge of civil and criminal exposure come then, and unlike in the Grinch movie, there will not be any sudden epiphany that will save him. We have better days ahead, and they will be here soon.

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