Donald Trump supporter brags about being a “Grandma killer” and it’s not exactly going over well

Because republicans are sociopaths, numerous states with republican governors are “reopening” at the height of a pandemic, without regard for how it’ll cause the death toll to spike. Now one Donald Trump supporter is flat out admitting that she doesn’t care how many elderly or vulnerable people die as a result of her support for this maniacal “reopening” plan. It’s not exactly going over well.

Trump supporter Bethany S. Mandel tweeted this: “You can call me a Grandma killer. I’m not sacrificing my home, food on the table, all of our docs and dentists, every form of pleasure (museums, zoos, restaurants), all my kids’ teachers in order to make other people comfortable. If you want to stay locked down, do. I’m not.”

Predictably, everyone responded by going ahead and calling her a Grandma killer. Worse, respondents pointed out that the coronavirus kills people of all ages, and that she’s putting people like doctors and teachers at risk. But facts don’t matter to Trump supporters; at the end of the day all they care about is being as depravedly selfish as they can be.

Of course Mandel is putting her own life and her family’s life at risk, but the other hallmark of Trump supporters is that they take their depraved selfishness to such a stupid extreme, it ends up harming them as well as everyone else. And this in instance they’re being open about their derangement. “Grandma killer” is currently trending on Twitter, which tells you how this is all playing out right now.

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