New prosecutor takes over key aspect of Robert Mueller’s ongoing grand jury, suggesting additional indictments

Last week we learned through court proceedings that, even with Special Counsel Robert Mueller having finished his work and submitted his final report, his grand jury is “continuing robustly” without him. Those were the words spoken by the federal prosecutor who went into court and took over Mueller’s longtime attempt at subpoenaing financial records from an unnamed foreign government-owned company. Now we’re learning that another prosecutor has inherited yet another key aspect of Mueller’s grand jury efforts.

Back when Robert Mueller was investigating Donald Trump’s old friend Roger Stone for various alleged crimes, he was engaged in a bitter court battle to try to force Stone’s associate Andrew Miller to testify before the grand jury. Mueller went ahead and had Stone indicted on several counts, but none of them appeared to relate in any way to the Stone-Miller relationship. This strongly suggested to us at the time that Mueller was planning to try to bring additional charges against Stone once he was finally able to force Miller to testify.

Even with Mueller having stepped off the stage – and it’s increasingly looking like William Barr pushed him off the stage – a federal prosecutor named Jonathan Kravis has now taken over the effort to force Andrew Miller to testify about Roger Stone. This is according to new court filings posted today by BuzzFeed. Why does this matter? The only reason for a grand jury to continue to exist is to bring additional indictments.

It’s now clear that prosecutors intend to bring a superseding indictment against Roger Stone which includes additional criminal charges of some kind. When you combine this with the fact that a different federal prosecutor is trying to put those foreign mystery company’s financial records in front of Mueller’s grand jury, which would also be for the sole purpose of indicting someone, it’s clear that additional indictments against multiple people are still on tap. Mueller is finished, but his work is clearly ongoing.

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