GOP Senator Tim Scott caught in the act

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There is absolutely nothing like scaring the ever-loving crap out of your voters in return for some quick cash, right? That is precisely what’s going on with a certain Republican right now. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina appears to want to raise some money. It’s HOW he’s going about it that has raised some eyebrows.

This is because South Carolina residents are receiving some unusual emails. And these emails have a rather creepy subject matter:

“Your heat will be turned off!”

“Emergency notice.”

Wow. Imagine being a vulnerable elderly person or a family struggling to raise several children or –anybody really — and having an ominous email like that fly into your inbox So it comes through as an alert. You click on it and see the message again: “Your heat will be turned off.”

So who would send this? Is the person’s heat REALLY going to be turned off? Is it a phishing scam? Why — no. It’s just Senator Tim Scott trying to scare the heck out of you, so you will give him some money.

If the person clicks on the email, this becomes quite clear. “Biden had crippled our patriotic oil & gas industry,” the email starts. “And every American is paying the price.”

You know I have to give Scott credit. I did think I’d heard it all where fundraising was concerned. But now Scott has managed to achieve the lowest of the low status. Congratulations, Senator Scott!

“Many have been FORCED to turn off the heat in their homes,” the insidious email goes on. By all means, keep going, Scott. You really on a role. Then readers are asked to take a survey. I’d take it myself if one of the questions were: “Does Tim Scott need to resign?”

But then you’re taken to a Tim Scott page where money is asked for. What a putz! And what a stupid and rather evil idea. I do hope this won’t frighten the residents of South Carolina TOO much. If you know of any, feel free to warn them that a fake, dishonest, and slimy Tim Scott email might just find its way into their inbox. As for Scott himself — looks like Donald Trump has taught him well.

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