GOP Senator Ron Johnson just stepped in it

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We really need to be paying attention to the Wisconsin Senate race. Ron Johnson is someone who should never have been elected. He is a conspiracy theorist, an election denier, and a fool. And the race in Wisconsin has tightened.

I do not like saying this, but it’s the truth. It’s vital that Mandela Barnes win in Wisconsin. The GOP has been peppering the dairy state with ads accusing Barnes of being soft on crime and making other; ludicrous accusations.

We must stay on offense in this race. The fact is Johnson is not just any senator. He has an abysmal record and a long history of saying utterly bizarre things. Case in point: Appearing at the Milwaukee Rotary club, Johnson talked about the January 6 insurrection, which he does not view as an insurrection. And he said we did learn some things from that day.

What could the Senator have meant by that? Did he mean that we learned there are American terrorists in our country? No. Perhaps he meant we learned that we have noble and courageous Capitol Police who saved the lives of many that day.

Nah — that’s not what he meant either. No. As he eagerly explained, John said that we learned from the insurrectionists how to obtain new weapons of war. It’s the flag poles, of course! Ron Johnson — a sitting US Senator — said the insurrections taught us how to be even more brutal and evil!

Here are exactly his words. “Now, some protesters did teach us all how you can use flag poles as weapons.”

From my viewpoint, these words are grounds for immediate disqualification from the race. Sadly, there is a real possibility the insurrection denier of Wisconsin might just win. So if you are donating to or retweeting candidates — please put a little extra into the Wisconsin Senatorial trace. Because this country cannot afford the likes of Ron Johnson anymore.

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