GOP Senator John Kennedy just found a whole new way to humiliate himself

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Republican Senator from Louisiana John Kennedy has always been the type of person whom one would definitely NOT want to meet in a dark alley. Kennedy has this whole “Aw shucks, I’m so stupid” thing down pat. Many say it’s act. I’ve always maintained it couldn’t be because the man seemingly loves being perceived that way. It may have STARTED as an act, but it has taken the senator over.

Senator Kennedy is being mocked a bit right now. And that’s because of something he said about nobody’s favorite Twitter troll, Elon Musk. Kennedy appeared upset at AOC. That’s nothing new. The GOP is always upset at her for one thing or another.

But Kennedy was in the middle of praising Elon Musk. And then he said the following to Fox Non-News. “He’s tough as a pine knot. He’s got oranges the size of beachballs.” Say WHAT?

Oranges the size of beachballs. Let’s just take that in for a moment. Both the comment and the fact it was a sitting United States Senator who said it. Of course, this odd and somewhat creepy quote made it to Twitter. And faster than one could say freaky, Twitter was on it:

“Which century does he lives in?”

“cartoon character come to life.”

“The south called, and they want their weird phrasing back.”

“One of the elves escaped the north pole.”

“Dude went to Oxford. Blows my mind.”

“”His voice gives me hives.”

“What was he drinking before this interview?”

“Is he auditioning for hee-haw?”

“1925 needs to come to get this whipper-snapper.”

‘Why is Senator Kennedy so gross?”


“Maybe he’s been taking ivermectin.”

“He needs to keep his citrus fantasies on the down low.”

“Senator Kennedy is a walking cartoon character.”

“Uncle hillbilly!”

“Is he Lindsey Graham’s brother?”


As you can see, Twitter is having a field day with Kennedy’s remarks. And much as I dislike the guy, he can always be counted on for a bit of amusement.

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