GOP Senator gives Donald Trump deadline for starting Biden transition

As the night goes on, it becomes even more painfully clear that Donald Trump isn’t going to somehow magically overturn the election result. Reuters says he’s pocketing nearly all the donations to his election legal fund. Even Karl Rove just wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, publicly telling Trump that it’s over.

Now Republican Senator James Lankford is publicly giving Trump a deadline of this Friday to start the transition by giving classified presidential intelligence briefings to Joe Biden. This is a big deal, because once Biden starts getting his briefings and begins having conversations with world leaders based on that intel, there will be no going back.

So why is Senator Lankford doing this? For the same reason Karl Rove is now publicly giving Donald Trump the boot: by continuing to drag out the inevitable, Trump is making the entire Republican Party look bad, and he’s damaging the GOP’s viability in future elections. In the end, Republican leaders were always going to selfishly choose themselves over Trump once it came down to it.

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