GOP hits the panic button over collapsing candidates

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If you are out at sea in a boat and the boat starts filling with water, it stands to reason you’d try everything possible to get the hell off and rescue yourself. You certainly wouldn’t sit on the boat and WAIT for the water levels to rise. That would be a disaster.

And yet that is exactly what the GOP has been doing these last few election cycles. They have sat in the boat helplessly while election deniers and insurrectionists took over their party. And now it’s too late. Republicans have few options. Like it or not, they’re stuck.

Only reportedly, some republicans have finally let a little ray of common sense enter their brains. It dawned on them to look for rescue — half a decade too late. According to an AP report, some republicans are getting scared by the low quality of many of their candidates.

And this report states Republicans are sick of losing to democrats. And they are casting their eyes around for better, more high-quality candidates to offer up. It’s too late. One cannot get rescued off the boat when the water has reached unmanageable levels. One cannot steer the ship after it capsizes.

As Palmer Report has reported, many of the election deniers are considering running in 2024. Kari Lake and Blake Masters are just two. And the GOP is reportedly terrified — terrified — that the same results will happen that happened in the midterms.

They certainly are correct in thinking that. Republicans have as their presidential front runners two loathsome individuals, one an insurrectionist (Trump) and the other a human monster and control freak (DeSantis.)

Of course, neither will be the chosen presidential candidate. But just WHO do the Republicans think WILL be? Not Mitt Romney. Not Larry Hogan. Not Liz Cheney. None of them could win a Republican primary.

And as for these high-quality candidates they want to run — where are they? I’ll tell you where they are. They’re gone, run out by mad as a hatter election deniers. Kinzinger — gone. Cheney gone.

And even if the GOP does find a few non-election deniers, Maga won’t vote for them. You can see the bind they’re in. So what is a losing party to do? Only a few options are available to them. That is why I predict they will again try to win by fear.

It didn’t work last time. We kept the senate, and yes, they took the house but barely. We have a winning strategy. They don’t. And as long as we keep to it, the GOP’s chances of winning, of saving themselves from the capsizing boat, will continue to be in deeply troubled waters.

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