Donald Trump is going down, and the Republicans in Congress just signaled that they know it

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This afternoon a dozen Senate Republicans reluctantly joined all of the Senate Democrats in voting to end Donald Trump’s national emergency. Earlier today, every single House Republican voted to make Robert Mueller’s report about Trump public. Yesterday, Republicans voted to end Trump’s sketchy military operation with the Saudis in Yemen. So what’s suddenly going on here?

Suffice it to say that the Republican Party, which these days is based almost entirely on selfishness and corruption, hasn’t suddenly grown a conscience. They know exactly who Donald Trump is. They knew it back when they were rubber stamping his every move, and they know it now. The only thing that’s changed is that they’ve taken a look at Trump’s worsening scandals and concluded that he’s in real danger of going down. They’re trying to put their name on something they can point back to later, so when they run for reelection, they can disingenuously claim that they stood up to Trump.

It won’t work. We know this because, even after Republicans reluctantly finished off a sinking Richard Nixon, they were punished severely for it in the next congressional election. But at this point the Republicans are starting to place their bets that it’ll be even worse for them if they stick with Donald Trump as he’s dismantled, ousted, and imprisoned for his crimes and abuses.

So now what? Donald Trump just tweeted the word “VETO!” – making clear that he’s now planning to defy the will of both houses of Congress, and both parties, while trying to unilaterally hijack the nation. If anything, a veto will only drive even more feckless and scared Republicans to vote against him when it comes to the veto override.

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