GOP antics grow stranger as Donald Trump circles the drain

On Tuesday, Sen. Josh Hawley, a rising star among conservative Republicans, proposed a new bill meant to “protect the integrity” of U.S. elections, and one of its primary goals is to have mail-in ballots be immediately tallied upon being delivered. The only problem with this is that not only do some states already do it, the Democratic Party fought for it ahead of the 2020 elections, only for the GOP to fight it vehemently, while Donald Trump was spreading misinformation about mail-in voting at his rallies, one of many reasons why he lost his re-election.

It also reinforces laws about poll-watchers that already exist, while making it harder for elderly people to vote as it bans third-party delivery of votes. In other words, Hawley is trying the usual routine of making himself out to be some kind of a hero while making it harder for some citizens to vote against him, and trying to make it look like Democrats are the ones opposed to voting rights, should this bill make it out of committee and they try to fight it on the floor.

While Donald Trump is still fighting the 2020 election battle, the rest of the GOP isn’t exactly behaving a whole lot better when it comes to protecting the integrity of elections. This is yet another reason why we need Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the Senate and why you should donate to their campaigns today. Republicans have no interest in governing and it should no longer be in their hands.

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