Donald Trump’s White House golf scam exposed

Back when Donald Trump shut down large portions of the federal government for five weeks, he frequently implied on Twitter that he was the real victim. At one point he even went so far as to tweet “I am all alone (poor me) in the White House.” More to the point, Trump couldn’t travel to Mar-a-Lago to play golf. But it turns out he had a golf scam going the whole time – and you may have paid for it.

Even as Donald Trump was denying eight hundred thousand federal employees their paychecks, he was spending $50,000 to build a ridiculous “room-sized golf simulator” at the White House so he could (pretend to) play his beloved golf, according to a stunning new Washington Post report. Trump’s people claim he paid for it out of his own pocket, but he never pays for anything out of his ow pocket, so he likely found a way to put it back on taxpayers. This guy simply has no shame, and no limit to his corruption and impropriety.

Democratic Congressman Marc Pocan promptly ripped into Donald Trump on Twitter over the White House golf scam, calling it “Unbelievable.” Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu tweeted that “This gives a whole new meaning to Donald Trump’s Executive Time.” But the whole thing gets even worse.

According to the Washington Post article, a White House official claims that Donald Trump didn’t bother to use the golf simulator after it was installed. It’s not clear to us if this is true or if this is merely the White House’s way of trying to minimize the fallout. But if Trump really didn’t use it after wasting that kind of money to have it installed during his shutdown, it’s even more ridiculous.