Jared Kushner just conveniently found a pot of gold

Jared Kushner and his family business couldn’t be any more upside-down financially, as evidenced by their ongoing scheming to try to fend off the massive debt they owe on their signature property, 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Kushner has allegedly been running pay-to-play schemes out of the White House as part of his desperation to save the failing property. Guess what just happened?

666 Fifth Avenue suddenly has a buyer. But wait a minute, it’s not the Kushners selling off their share of the failed real estate entity. No, the Kushners are apparently buying their partner’s share of the building, according to a new report from the New York Times. That shouldn’t be possible, because you can’t buy something unless you can find a way to pay for it. We know the Kushners have no meaningful cash on hand, we know they have no other assets that can be leveraged to that degree, and most importantly, no one is going to loan the Kushners that much money for above-board reasons.

Yet there’s this sentence near the end of the NY Times article: “It is unclear if the announcement from Vornado means the Kushners have found a new partner, or who might be providing the financing for such a deal.” In other words, no one knows where this sudden pot of gold came from, or how it just conveniently dropped into the Kushner family’s lap, even as Jared Kushner is being investigated for allegedly trading White House influence in exchange for obtaining loans.

This is just one more thing for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate. At a time when Jared Kushner might be the most desperately broke guy in the country, and he’s desperately trying to avoid losing his one big real estate building because he’s so upside down on it, suddenly he’s found a pot of gold – or someone with a pot of gold – willing to help him buy out the rest of the building. This is getting bizarre.