Donald Trump’s whole life goes to hell

Imagine cheating your way into a job, and then trying to fend off a criminal investigation into your cheating which is landing everyone around you in prison. Imagine further that while you’re trying to survive in this job you were never legitimately hired for, you realize you’re completely incompetent at it, to the point that you’re creating new scandals daily. Now imagine that one day you have to basically fire your son-in-law, and the next day, the employee who’s like a daughter to you suddenly quits, and both of them are now likely to testify against you out of spite. This is even as your wife is probably preparing to leave you.

Welcome to the latest nightmarish sliver of Donald Trump’s miserable failed life. He’s never had a genuinely happy moment in his life. He’s never had a moment in which he wasn’t committing crimes of one sort or another. He’s miserable despite being a billionaire, even though he isn’t really a billionaire, and he’s never even seemed to be able to enjoy the money he’s stolen. He’s spent the last few decades fending off near-constant bankruptcies and mounting debts to increasingly shady characters. Then he made the terrible, terrible mistake of illegitimately winning the presidential election.

The one thing Trump seemed to care about, if only for reasons of vanity, was the supposed prestige of his family. So how’s that working out for him? His namesake Donald Trump Jr is going to prison for having conspired with the Russians to try to alter the outcome of the election. His son-in-law Jared Kushner is headed to prison for massive financial fraud, and Kushner’s inevitable plea deal against Trump is likely to forever ruin the relationship between Trump and his favorite child Ivanka.

Hope Hicks, Trump’s quasi daughter, or whatever creepy connection it was he felt toward her, is now facing felony obstruction of justice charges and is likely to flip on him. The spotlight of the presidency has exposed so many of his past affairs, his wife Melania seems to be counting the days until the criminal charges against him allow her to safely get out of the prenup. That’s before getting to the fact that Trump’s precious real estate properties bearing his name are all going to end up being seized assets in the end.

Donald Trump’s life went to hell the minute he was falsely named the winner of a rigged presidential election, and he made the monumentally stupid decision to actually take office instead of running for the hills. But when searching for the one moment in which everything finally fractured to the point that there was nothing left of his life one way or the other, we may end up looking back at this week in particular – and it’s still only Thursday.

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