Giving up the ghost

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He who shouts loudest is ignored the most. No, that’s not some clever philosophical saying, but it does describe what’s happening with Donald Trump and his allies. Trump has spent much of his time denigrating the prosecutors who have indicted him instead of working on a defense. Of course, he doesn’t really have one, so there’s that. He is receiving support, for what it’s worth, from his Georgia allies in trying to remove Fani Willis from the case against Trump. Not surprisingly, they are receiving neither help nor support from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp has always supported the outcome of the election in Georgia. As Associated Press reported, even after the indictment was filed, Trump and his allies continued to lie about election fraud. Mike “MyPillow” Lindell recently spoke at an event, showing footage that has now bitten Rudy Guiliani in the ass, lying about election workers Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, who were merely doing their VOLUNTEER jobs. These lies persist, but the more Georgia Republicans complain, the more Kemp stays out of the fray. Kemp was, in fact, a witness before the grand jury in Georgia and has repeatedly, forcefully stated that there was no fraud in the Georgia election. He is not going to change his testimony now to please Donald Trump or anyone else. Kemp is basically saying to Trump: “Get over it. You lost.” As a result, Kemp is now included in Trump’s character assassination attempts.

Other Georgia Republicans, with Marjorie Taylor Greene shouting the loudest, want Governor Kemp to revise the state constitution to allow Kemp to pardon Trump. Fat chance. They are also talking about impeaching Willis, but as AP pointed out, both are longshots. An impeachment has not happened in Georgia in over 50 years, and the Georgia Senate and House are divided enough that complaining Republicans cannot muster the three-fifths majority needed-they will need help from Democrats, which is not happening. Similarly, pardoning power in Georgia would require a two-thirds vote to change, and that also is not happening.

No matter how you look at it, Republicans in Georgia are not going to get their wish. Besides, they cannot honestly think Kemp will lift one finger to help Trump, who tried to run him out of office because he refused to accept and parrot Trump’s lies. Indeed, Trump likely increased Kemp’s standing by choosing a most inadequate candidate to run against him, former senator David Perdue, whom Kemp beat like he owned him. AP reported that House Speaker Jon Burns has sided with Kemp and said that he “looks forward to a positive vision that prepares for the bright future our children and grandchildren deserve.” That future does not include repeating the same old lies and sowing seeds of divineness.

They can say what they want about Fani Willis. She is a competent, strong prosecutor who has realized success in her career. Likely, that’s the real reason they want her gone; she stands a good chance of convicting Trump. Being a Black female doesn’t help. They need to get over it and give up.

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