Andrew Gillum slams Rick Scott heading into Florida recounts

The 2018 races for Governor and Senator in Florida are more intertwined than ever. They both had highly suspicious initial results that were wildly out of line with the polls, and with the results in the rest of the nation. They’re both now headed for recounts. And there’s no getting around the fact that Rick Scott, the Republican candidate in the contested Senate race, is also the outgoing Governor of Florida.

Rick Scott is now trying to use his current position as Governor to sabotage both recounts, by asking the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate Broward County officials for supposed election fraud. This is a direct attempt at preventing the votes from being properly counted or recounted in the crucial and heavily Democratic-leaning county.

Rick Scott’s antics are tantamount to felony election tampering, and it shows just how desperate he is to get himself into that Senate seat. Andrew Gillum is having none of it. After Scott held a press conference to make his false accusations, Gillum slammed him on Twitter: “Mr. Rick Scott — counting votes isn’t partisan — it’s democracy. Count every vote.”

Meanwhile Donald Trump is also trying to use the power of his office to sabotage the recounts, posting this tweet: “Law Enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with Election Fraud in Broward and Palm Beach. Florida voted for Rick Scott!” Trump just arguably committed yet another felony with this tweet, potentially making Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s job even easier.